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Oolite is a space combat and trading game, and is a modern re-imagining of the classic 'Elite'. Elite was hugely popular some 25 years ago and was available for all the popular computers of the day, such as Amigas, Commodore 64s and BBC micros and the NES. It re-defined space trading games and its significance is still widely recognised.

Oolite stays true to the 'Elite' spirit and canon, but expands on it as well, making the most of today's computers' superior processing power and graphics abilities.

Although fundamentally quite a simple game, it is compelling and absorbing. The game's open-ended nature and flexibility keep it fresh no matter how much you play, and the game lends itself to both short and long gaming sessions.

It is cross-platform, with versions for Linux, Mac and Windows, and is constantly under development by an enthusiastic community, meaning it just keeps getting better and better.

Being open-source, it is easy for anyone to change aspects of the game using simple text and graphics editors, either for their own use, or to release as fully working AddOns for everybody to enjoy. There are hundreds of Expansion Packs available which add new ships, missions and eye candy to the basic game and there is an in-game manager which allows these to be added and removed easily.

A 'Gecko' from my 'Classic Ships' OXP suite.

OXP ship


The official 'Oolite' website for full details of the game and to download it.

Oolite Wiki for information about the game, how to play and modify it and details of all the Ships, Space Stations and other objects, plus background on the Governments and other organisations in the Ooniverse. It also lists all of the OXPs (expansion packs).

The Bulletin Board is a discussion forum for users of Oolite, and is a mine of useful information.

IRC Oolite chatroom, for chatter and natter about Life, the Ooniverse and Everything.

An 'Odonatean' ship from my 'Aliens' OXP

OXP ship

My Expansion Packs

Full details of all my expansions can be found on the Oolite Wiki. Each Expansion has its own page full of information and images - they are listed on my Oolite Wiki User Page, which also has a description of my in-game persona and ship.

With the release of Oolite v1.80, which has an integrated Expansions Manager, the OXP format for Expansions is being superceded by a new OXZ format. Most of my OXPs have already been converted to OXZ and are available through the game's in-built Manager, except those listed below.

TOGY Memorials is a plug-in for the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard OXP (TOGY), and will be converted when the 'main' OXP is. As TOGY is maintained by others, the conversion is currently on hold.
The OXP can be downloaded here.

I also contributed to the Staer 9 Chopped Cobra OXP. This expansion has now been converted to OXZ format by Amah and is available via the Expansion Manager.
The original OXP version is still available from the archive and can be downloaded here.

Obsolete OXPs.

Warning:- The OXPs listed below have not been optimised for Oolite v1.80 and cannot therefore be recommended for general use.

Some of my older OXPs are not scheduled for conversion, and are no longer maintained or supported. Some have been replaced with more up-to-date Expansions, and others are no longer appropriate, or necessary due to improvements in the core game.

They are provided here as a resource and while they might be OK, it is quite possible that they may not work properly and could break the game in various ways.

They are still available for download as they could be used by players still using older (pre-v1.80) versions of Oolite, and they may also be of some use to others who might wish to study or use code or images contained within them - they all carry a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. You are welcome to use any part of them within the terms of the licence.

Accessories OXP

Accessories OXP re-textures the Stations and all the non-ship objects for a more realistic look.
This .zip file is 3.1MB.

Cloak Repair OXP

An OXP to make the Cloaking Device repairable at TL 15 Worlds for 50,000Cr. This will replace your damaged cloak with a service exchange item.
This .zip file is 3.0kB.

Jellybaby Dispenser OXP

A handy Jellybaby dispenser for your ship's cockpit. Be warned, though, the machine can go out of control and give you more Jellybabies than you would ever want!.
This .zip file is 62.7kB.

ToughGuys OXP

ToughGuys OXP makes pirates tougher to restore balance to the game for experienced Commanders with a good 'Iron-Ass' ship. The hunters and traders also get upgrades so they can cope! You will encounter ships with a wide range of equipment and weapons upgrades, and varying degrees of piloting skill.
This .zip file is 17.7kB.

Smivs' Shipset OXP

Smivs'Shipset is a replacement texture set giving the (old original) ships in Oolite a new 'realistic' look. Several versions were available - standard and high resolution textures and addition and replace versions - which are all available below.
The HD .zip files are 29.3MB.
The SD .zip files are 13.6MB.

WonderWorm OXP

A crazy uber-ship based on the humble Worm. Never a serious OXP, but rather an exercise in excess - designed to show how silly uber-ships are by offering the ultimate example of the genre.
This .zip file is 935.0kB.